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CCA has created a virtual Zwift club where a virtual club ride can be held and registered Zwift users can join.

To join Zwift, go to and register.

Next step, get exploring and start racking up some km/kudos in order to work your way up through the levels. This will unlock new routes and bonus kit.

In order to recognise yourself as part of CC Ashwell (and make it easier for clubmates to find you, and you them) don't forget to add 'CCA' as a suffix to your Zwift Name. My Zwift name is 'Mxxxx Cxxxx (CCA)'.

Registering on Zwift Power

Racing on Zwift is absolutely the most challenging and exciting thing you can do inside on a bike. If you’ve never tried it, you owe it to yourself to give it a go, no matter your abilities!

The following is a very important one-time step many Zwifters miss! You must opt-in to share your ride data with, or you will not be included in official race results. Log into your account at, click Profile > Connections, and click to enable sharing with Zwift Power.

While you’re on the connections page, double-check to make sure you’ve connected your Zwift account to Strava, as this is helpful if ride organisers need to verify your numbers.

Create and Validate your Zwift Power Account

Visit Zwift Power and create an account. Follow the instructions and make sure you enter your ZwiftID. You will need to verify account ownership by adding a 4-digit code to your Zwift surname, then logging into Zwift for at least a minute before clicking 'Connect Account' on Zwift Power.

Get a Heart Rate Monitor

Most races require you to transmit heart rate data, as this helps reduce cheating. If you don’t already own a heart rate monitor, we highly recommend the Wahoo Tickr line due to its durability and connectivity.

Join the CCA Zwift Power Team

Once you are registered on Zwift Power, you can search and join the CCA Team. Once logged in, just search for 'Ashwell' under the 'Teams' tab and request to join.

View CCA Zwift Power Team